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  • Laboratorio Biomolecular Diagnostic

Biomolecular Diagnostic S.r.l. is an analysis laboratory, which thanks to the accrued know-how, its highly specialised personnel, and investments in the latest structural and technological instrumentation, is a leader of diagnostics and of scientific research in the dentistry field.

The young and cutting-edge company focuses on constantly updating its own techniques, as well as on the innovation and the digitization of the various processes.

Biomolecular Diagnostic S.r.l. offers several types of dentistry tests in order to assist the clinician during the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up phases of major oral diseases such as periodontitis and caries (tooth decay):

Our laboratory works alongside companies, clinics and research institutes performing research projects and establishing experimental protocols in the dental field.

Biomolecular Diagnostic S.r.l. (who's health authorization was issued by the Municipality of Florence) offers scientific consultancy in the following areas: microbiology and molecular and cell biology.