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The Laboratory of Medical Genetics TECNOBIOS PRENATALE EUROGENLAB S.r.l. is a specialized structure that, thanks to the application of a wide range of cytogenetic and molecular biology techniques, is able to offer a diagnostic service in the various sectors that make up the vast panorama of Genetics, ranging from pre and post-natal karyotype to molecular analysis of genes responsible for genetic diseases (cystic fibrosis, X-fragile, hemochromatosis, thrombophilia), from forensic genetics (paternity tests) to Infectiology, from Nutrigenics to Preventive Medicine (celiac disease, prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. ) and oncohaematology (polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia).

A.I.R.O, Italian Academy for Oral Research

Tecnobios Prenatale logo

A.I.R.O, Italian Academy for Oral Research, was founded with the aim of promoting scientific progress in the dental field, considering the oral cavity as a window on the health of our body. The goal is to create a cultural movement, made up of doctors, dentists, hygienists who take note of it and take care of it in an integrated way in order to prevent both local and systemic pathologies. The teaching action of the academy is based on scientific research, its dissemination, the promotion of cultural events (annual conferences and professional courses) and the exchange of professional skills in order to make them become the patrimony of all the members.