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  • Scientific research

Biomolecular Diagnostic research laboratories is composed of a qualified team of scientists that boasts having several years of experience in microbiology, and molecular and cell biology. Our researchers work daily to constantly evolve and offer avant-garde services, which is based on the results of published scientific research and data.

The Biomolecular Diagnostic Laboratory conducts scientific research in collaboration with the University of Florence.

The research performed over the course of a decade, combined with the highest level of specialised consultancy in the dental/periodontal field, have allowed Biomolecular Diagnostic to integrate biological results with the clinical data of thousands of patients suffering from periodontitis.

On-site assessments of product compliance, which are offered based on both the operator's needs, and data that was revealed by clinical tests.

The research conducted by Biomolecular Diagnostic is extremely important and scientifically innovative in relation to the study of the microbiome of periodontal pockets and the onset of serious systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as problems linked to fertility and preterm births.