Servizi odontoiatria

Biomolecular Diagnostic provides dental health professionals with a wide range of modern diagnostic tests designed to provide support in the prevention, diagnosis, care, and follow-up of major dental pathologies.

Our dentistry diagnostic tests:

  • Microbiological Test (BPA): For the detection of pathogenic agents associated with periodontitis
  • Periodontal Risk Assessment Test (GPS): Made in line with the most modern international scientific research
  • Risk Assessment of Caries Risk (CRA): To determine the individual risk of caries development
  • Antibiogram (ANT): For indications of the most effective antimicrobial active ingredient against periodontitis
  • Enzyme Activity Evaluation Test (MMP8): To detect levels of aMMP-8 at salivary or cerebrovascular fluid level
  • Diagnostic Test for Parodontic and Perimplant Prevention (aMMP-8): Biomarkers for early diagnosis of Gingival Diseases, Degenerative Processes, and Periodontitis