Our Tests

  • MMP8: Test of Enzimatic Activity

Dosage of metalloproteinase-8 active (aMMP-8)

The test is extremely simple and painless. It requires the collection of the periodontal or peri-implant crevicular fluid using the specific strips found in the kit, which will have to be returned to Biomolecular Diagnostic laboratories in order to run the quantification of the active form of MMP-8 by Elisa technique.

MMP-8 is an enzyme capable of degrading the collagen of the extracellular matrix of the periodontal tissues (dentin, cement, bone, etc.). The enzymatic activation occurs as consequence of a pro-inflammatory stimulus such as the one resulting from bacterial infection and is responsible for the occurrence of periodontal and peri-implant disease. The detection of high levels of aMMP-8 at salivary or clevicular/sulcus fluid level, is an early indicator of tissue damage in the oral cavity that allows the specialist to take a prompt action to prevent periodontal and peri-implant damages. The reduction of the concentration of salivary aMMP-8 up to undetectable levels, is connected to an improvement of the clinical picture and therefore offers the specialist and the patient the actual evidence of the effectiveness of the therapeutic protocol applied and provides the specialist hints about whether to perform implant surgery.